Australia: ACT Green Party Propose Investment In Trials & Research For Psychedelic Treatments

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Increasing investment in trials, research and use of medicinal drug use for treatment of mental health and PTSD issues 

From the use of psilocybin with patients with terminal illness, to ketamine for depression, and MDMA for treating PTSD, the world’s mainstream health researchers are turning to psychedelics and previously ‘illicit’ substances more and more, to treat a range of mental health conditions. Using clinical studies and peer reviewed results, these researchers are challenging preconceived and outdated judgements of these substances, and are progressing the field of psychiatric practice. The same can be said of the need for further work in understanding the full potential benefits of cannabis on physical health care. The Greens want the ACT to play a role in this important evolution, and explore what government support can be given to progressing new pilots and trials in the Territory. The ACT is well placed for such trials, through linkages with our academic institutions and health services, similar to mainstream trials already occurring in Victorian hospitals and around the world.

Creating an ongoing Medicinal Drug Use Advisory Committee 

We believe that the ACT could truly be at the forefront of this global effort to better understand the possible benefits of the development of regulatory-approved and research-backed psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy for the treatment of mental ill-health in Australia, and other physical ailments. We will create an ongoing Medicinal Drug Use Advisory Committee, incorporating the existing medical cannabis committees, to examine the evidence and possibilities of bringing further world class research here to Canberra.


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