Australia: Apparently NSW Police Are ” “once again left astounded by the insatiable demand for prohibited drugs from those across our community”

We’re astounded that they are astounded.

The sooner Australian authorities and  politicians get their collective head around the fact that they have allowed a super effective black market to operate through their blindness to the power of  supply and demand in a capitalist economy is beyond us.

It’s a subject politicians on the right profess to be the experts on, it’s all about markets, yet they seem not to understand how this one operates and will continue to operate whatever enforcement levels they try to foist upon the market.

In the US even states like Alabama, Mississippi & South Dakota have begun to understand (with regard to cannabis) that the old war on drugs is over.


The Sydney Morning Herald reported today.

Police charged 137 people and seized more than $112,000 and over 530 grams of cocaine across Sydney as part of an operation targeting ‘dial-a-dealer’ drug supply.

As recreational drug use surges in summer and COVID-19 restrictions are eased, police mounted operations over nine nights in November and December.

Officers also seized more than one kilogram of cannabis, 19 grams of MDMA, 16 grams of ketamine, 21 grams of LSD, two grams of heroin and two grams of methylamphetamine (known as ice in its crystal form).

“Our officers were once again left astounded by the insatiable demand for prohibited drugs from those across our community – particularly after what has been a testing year for the people of NSW and worldwide,” Detective Chief Inspector Bell said.

“Over the past month, and with the easing of COVID-19 restrictions, we have seen a significant increase in criminal enterprises utilising the ‘dial-a-dealer’ methodology to supply cocaine and other prohibited substances across Sydney.”

He said most of those charged with supply were operating on behalf of organised crime syndicates and the proceeds would be funnelled into other harmful criminal activities.

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