Australia: Coronavirus buy-local trend driving demand for Australian-grown medicinal cannabis

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation report that …Australian medical cannabis company, Little Green Pharma says the rise of the buy-local movement during COVID-19 driven has up demand for locally produced cannabinoid products.

Little Green Pharma (LGP) is based at a secret location in WA’s South West and has experienced a boom in sales since the pandemic began.

Chief operating officer Paul Long said the trend was being driven by a range of social and economic factors stemming from the health crisis and not necessarily by a spike in patient numbers.

“I think COVID has put pressure on supply chains, so companies that have been importing products from outside Australia, and particularly from Canada … have seen some challenges, with some outages of product,” he said.

“Since we started in August 2018 we’ve had just over 6,500 patients, but in the last three months alone we’ve seen 1,300 new patients.”

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