Australia: Former Biker Gang Member ( The Bandidos) Gets Suspended Sentence For Selling CBD To Undercover Police Officers

A former Bandidos sergeant-at-arms has pleaded guilty to selling cannabis oil to undercover police in Queensland.

Brent Luke Simpson, known for his popular podcast The Clink, pleaded guilty to multiple drug offences in the Southport District Court on Thursday.

The charges related to the sale of two bottles of CBD oil, which is often marketed for its health benefits, to undercover police on the Gold Coast.

His co-accused, 39-year-old Eden Christopher Gall, pleaded guilty to one count of unlawfully supplying a dangerous drug.

The pair set up a business that sold illegal cannabidiol (CBD) oil under the name Releaf Therapies, the court was told.

They were caught when a police investigation over another matter led to telephone intercepts capturing Simpson setting up the CBD oil business.

The products were advertised on social media and Simpson sold two bottles of CBD oil for $290 each to undercover police officers.

A small amount of a substance containing cocaine was also found by police, the court was told.

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