Australia: ‘Gucci Grey’, Daughter of Recently Retired Sydney Barrister, Selling “Vegetables” on Facebook

The daughter of a recently retired barrister has fronted court, accused of dealing drugs from the family home in Alexandria using the pseudonym ‘Gucci Grey’. NSW police allege Genevieve Horsley, 20, made the deals through a Facebook page that pretended to sell vegetables.

The site has thousands of followers who try to buy or sell things like “broccoli”, “capsicums” and “coconuts”.

But police say these are code names for drugs.

  Genevieve Horsley has been accused of dealing drugs on the Facebook group ‘Vegetables Australia’. The 20-year-old was allegedly caught mid-deal during a police sting at her family’s home in August. 

Horsley is charged with seven drug supply offences relating to MDMA, and one of cultivating a prohibited plant.

Her barrister father Richard Horsley stepped down from his prestigious role only weeks before their property was raided.

He picked her up from court today, but given his recent retirement, it’s unlikely he’ll be acting as her defence in court.


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