Australia – GW Pharma: Addendum To Our Report “Did NSW (Australia) State Government Bother Doing Any Research Before Deciding To Partner With GW Pharmaceuticals”

Did NSW (Australia) State Government Bother Doing Any Research Before Deciding To Partner With GW Pharmaceuticals

We reported the above the week before last

21 March 2016

We’ve been contacted by  Loren Paul Wiener a cannabis law reform consultant and  analyst based in Australia who had a few relevant points to add to the article referenced above.

Loren writes

Currently there are 2 new bills in Australia (state and federal) changing the definition of the word “cannabis” so that medical Cannabis can be fall under the following; hemp, marijuana, or pharma.

Loren writes

GW UK has a lot to do with that. GW UK is distributed by Bayer in the USA and Novartis in Australia (A $100billion) pharma. These “NEW” definitions  date back to 1956 Customs and Excise and are paraphrased from 1937 UN doctrines.

This just a fact check to highlight how such an embedded industry in government, Pharma, was not as big a deal when Cannabis (medical) had legislation drawn about it in California in 1996. but pharma (like GW UK) has had 20 years to prepare for this in Australia

Also with regard to legislation in Victoria Loren adds

On 9 Feb 2016, the state of Victoria introduced new laws against ICE and amphetamines. HIDDEN in the bill were references that once the dots were connected (they used wording was ICE and “drugs of dependency”) that then lead back to a schedule of over 100 drugs including cannabis. Meaning there are 7 new laws in Victoria that make it punishable of up to 10 years in prison, for sharing information about Cannabis online (email web etc) or in a magazine etc. that no one knows about due to the controlled media. This was flagged in the Senate as the worst legislation ever produced and even the state board of lawyers LIV – Law Institute Victoria said they had never seen anything like it.

For those of you who’d like more information in this vein you can check Loren’s website  where this and similar information is linked back to the relevant bills for fact checking and also for contacts with individuals involved with creating, drafting and passing the legislation

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