Australia: GW Pharmaceuticals To Trial Cannabis Based Drugs In Australia

There’s talk of a third drug trial but not product name appears to be mentioned

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The news comes after Pru Goward, the New South Wales Minister for Medical Research, personally visited GW Pharmaceuticals in London in an attempt to convince them to hold the latest round of trials in the Australian state.

It also comes three months after the Federal Government of Australia announced that it will legalise the production of medical cannabis in the country. Their plan is to allow individual states to decide whether or not they want to allow cannabis to be grown there.

The report also adds

As well as the Epidiolex trial, two other trials of GW produced drugs have also been announced. The first of these is a Phase 2 trial of another anti-convulsant cannabinoid, cannabidivarin (CBDV). Together with the Epidiolex trial, these two are the basis of a $3.5million commitment from the Australian government to “explore the use of cannabis products in providing relief for children with severe drug-resistant epilepsy”. Part of this commitment is a new relationship between Australia and GW, which includes a provision for New South Wales to host future clinical trials of GW products.

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