Australia – Honahlee Video: Why Can’t I Find CBD Oil Over The Counter In Pharmacies? Explained By Pharmacist Lisa Nguyen


As of February 1, 2021, it became legal to sell low dose CBD oil over the counter in pharmacies. While legal, it’s likely that patients and customers won’t find CBD oil in pharmacies for at least another 18 months. In this video, Lisa Nguyen the founder of Astrid Dispensary explains why patients and customers can’t find low dose CBD oil over the counter in pharmacies yet. In this video Lisa covers the following topics: – 00:58 | Why can’t patients and customers find CBD oil in pharmacies? – 01:29 | What does listing a CBD product on the ARTG entail? – 02:58 | What is the cannabinoid content of over the counter CBD Oil? – 03:39 | What’s the difference between over the counter CBD and CBD or cannabis prescribed by your doctor? – 05:07 | When will we see CBD products in pharmacies? To read the article, please visit:…

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