Australia: Man eligible for release after selling drugs to police

A man describing himself as the “bottom level errand boy” in a drug supply ring is freshly eligible for parole after convincing a court he should not spend more time in jail than people he took orders from.

Li Wang supplied methylamphetamine and cocaine to an undercover police officer three times in March and April 2015.

The judge who sentenced him said he was “the principal in those supplies,” with the NSW Court of Criminal Appeal calling that description “not entirely clear”.

“It could only be because Mr Wang was the actual perpetrator of the offence, the person who handed over the drugs and received the payment,” Acting Justice Robert Hulme wrote in a judgment published on Wednesday.

The judge did not, however, find Wang was the principal figure in the overall enterprise.

Wang had appealed, arguing the judge erred in characterising his role as more significant than that of his co-offenders Zhengyi Zhang and Si Ji Zhang.

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