Australia Publishes “National Drug Strategy Household Survey 2019” Medical Cannabis Support Grows From General Public….. Say Stats

Previous surveys (until 2016) measured the public’s support for the use of cannabis as a medicine and the greater majority were in favour of it. In the 2016 NDSHS, 87% of those surveyed supported ‘a clinical trial for people to use marijuana to treat medical conditions’ and 85% supported a permanent legislative provision in the form of a ‘change in legislation permitting the use of marijuana for medical purposes’.

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Basic Information

The 2019 National Drug Strategy Household Survey report showed that:

  • fewer Australians are smoking tobacco daily, while the use of e-cigarettes is increasing
  • more Australians are giving up or reducing their alcohol intake, driven by health concerns
  • rates of substance use are falling among younger generations (less likely to smoke, drink and use illicit drugs)
  • non-medical pharmaceutical use is down, driven by a fall in the use of pain-killers.

A companion report National Drug Household Survey 2019: in brief is also available.

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