Australia-Queenland: Newly Launched “Legalise Cannabis Qld Party” Gets Enough Signatures To Register As Political Party

They achieved the registration of 600 legally required Members in only 10 days.

Yesterday the newly formed Legalise Cannabis Qld (Party) submitted its registration paperwork and should know in about 6 weeks it they will be become a registered minor party in time for the October election.

After the Qld Govt. rejected the public’s call for legalising cannabis via parliamentary petition that contained 13,000 signatories asking for legalisation earlier this year, The People are fighting back.

“We are fed up, with not being listen to, ” said Deb Lynch, Vice President of the Party’s Steering Committee. “We are putting the Govt. and Opposition on notice. We intend to stand candidates in as many electorates as possible, and there is no shortage of hands up.”

“With a couple of other minor parties in the registration pipeline already, the People will at least get some choice this time round. The LCQ Party are aiming for a seat or two on the cross bench and hope to be a part of the winds of change that are sweeping across the country. People have had a gutful of the 2 party system,” she said.

In her position as MCUA of Australia President, Ms Lynch says she hears every day, from patients being disadvantaged by high cost of imported products and patients being arrested.

“The only way to get affordable access for many of these people is to allow them to grow their own – just as they are doing now – but without the axe hanging over their heads. Currently we have 3 senior women from the MCUA, myself included, facing criminal court for producing and possessing medicine, that gives them a better quality of life. This is not in the pubic interest. “

Ms Lynch is intending to nominate for the seat of Mermaid Beach. The Party has candidates with their hands up already. “We don’t expect to win Govt., but if you can get over 600 Queenslanders to join a political party in 10 days, imagine how many more will have their say in the privacy of the ballot box.”

The party has a green lean. They want to see hemp farming opened up and believe in agriculture over mining. Many value added products can be manufactured from hemp including plant based “plastics” and light carbon neutral building materials. All creating jobs and wealth for our State and its economy, according to Ms Lynch.

Cannabis has been decriminalised fully for personal use in the ACT since Jan and the sky has not fallen in. Millions of people use cannabis every day. ” Imagine what a boost it would be for our ailing post covid tourist industry.”

Anyone wanting more information please contact us through our facebook group or email us at

Authorised by Deb Lynch President MCUA of Australia Vice President of LCQ Party. Phone 0422290212



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