Australia: Residents Say That Hemp Farm Gives Them Nausea, Headaches

The farmer says otherwise…

Australia’s ABC reports

Neighbours of Red Cliffs hemp farm says odour causes ‘nausea, headaches’

For the first time in her 50 years of living in Red Cliffs, Marjorie Patullo hesitates before turning the air conditioner on.

Normally an essential item to combat a hot Mallee summer, Mrs Patullo said the air conditioner has recently been exacerbating the smell of a nearby industrial hemp crop, which she believes is causing her “massive headaches”.

Mrs Patullo, 75, lives in a residential zone approximately 200 metres from a trial crop on Nursery Ridge Road.

She said on humid days, the smell could seep into her house and stop her from sleeping.

“Instead, I just put a little fan on.

“I don’t go to bed sometimes until four or five in the morning. There’s not much point going to bed because I won’t go [to sleep].”

Mrs Patullo said she was particularly sensitive to the smell because of her lupus (an autoimmune condition) and asthma.

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