Business Insider Australia  reports on Investment strategist Mark Bernberg, who’s launched an investment consultancy for the cannabis industry and  believes that Australia could legalise the drug for recreational use within five years and that the company that will ultimately become the Amazon of cannabis doesn’t exist yet.

We’re not sure MedMen want to hear that but we tend to agree.

The report goes on to say

Bernberg’s The Green Fund is tracking cannabis companies and revealing the trades in his investment portfolio, which has an international focus and argues that despite recent falls in value, the market is flourishing.

Here are his takeaways for the market

“Just like developments in the automotive industry are influenced by advances in Formula 1, medicinal will pass down to the recreational market. Most of the companies in The Green Fund have a medicinal focus, with the upside of a recreational business model,” he said.

“Current figures estimate approximately 3-4% of the population will use marijuana for medicinal purposes, however about 25% of the population would use it for recreational purposes.”

He’s also using The Green Fund to look at the ancillary products and services around cannabis industry for investment potential.

“As the legal cannabis industry grows and develops, so too will the industry’s supply chains,” he said.

“There are dozens of potential links to this chain, from software and hardware to machinery, distribution, consultants, logistics, security and of course – pharmaceutical and biotechnology businesses.”

The ancillary sector puts to the total economic impact of the cannabis industry in the US at $16 billion in 2016, soaring to $60 billion by 2021.