Australian Medicinal Cannabis Industry Report from MTPConnect.

Not that 670K + people already want to access cannabis legally in Australia!

But we digress…

Here’s the blurb

Australia’s medicinal cannabis patient numbers are tipped to reach 670,000 by 2030, creating a surge in demand for product, according to the latest Australian Medicinal Cannabis Industry Report from MTPConnect. The report predicts that, by 2030, a ‘baseline scenario’ of 670,000 patients may be seeking access to medicinal cannabis, requiring around 79,000 kg of dried plant matter. 

Good to see the “experts” at Deloitte are in on the game and working with the likes of Prohibition to produce infographics that interpret a reality that isn’t actually reality.

Let’s take a look at this infographic that’s a perfect example.

The USA is not federally legal ,agreed , but there’s no note saying that apart from Canada it is the easiest place on the planet to access medical cannabis ( and the widest selection of product/medicine is available as well) meanwhile in the UK marked as legal so far  X3 prescriptions have been handed out on the National Health Service as of  2021.  Or that Australia charges its patients an arm and a leg to access medical cannabis or that post-referendum in NZ the medical cannabis landscape is a basket case.


Before we go we do love accountants.. here we’re told estimates of who’ll be wanting medical cannabis by 2030.

It’s always better in Australia to roll out a slew of meaningless numbers in order to avoid the real conversation. In this case, the serious consideration of how to regulate for adult-use cannabis use in the country.


Here’s the full report

MTPC_Australian Medicinal Cannabis Industry


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