Azerbaijan: Police seize about 2 kg of drugs in southern region

Police have seized about 2 kg of drugs and psychotropic pills from two suspected drug traffickers in Azerbaijan’s Yardimli region on the border with Iran, Azertag reported on April 22.

As a result of the Yardimli district police department’s search operations, suspected drug traffickers Baku resident Rafael Allahverdiyev and Absheron resident Marahim Ibrahimov were detained in Yardimli region’s Arus village, the report added.

Rafael Allahverdiyev, a resident of Baku, and Marahim Ibrahimov, a resident of Absheron region, suspected of drug trafficking, were detained in Arus village of Yardimli region as a result of search operations carried out by the Yardimli region police department.

The Lankaran regional group of the Interior Ministry’s press service reported during the preliminary investigation that about 1 kilogram of methamphetamine, 1 kilogram of marijuana and 970 pills were seized from them.

An investigation is underway at the Yardimli district police department. Both men were remanded in custody by a court decision.

As Iran borders both Afghanistan and Azerbaijan, drugs are traditionally smuggled in from Afghanistan into Iran and then into Azerbaijan. Given Azerbaijan’s geographical location, drug traffickers attempt to smuggle drugs into European countries along the Balkan route via the country.

After the restoration of its territorial integrity, Azerbaijan is taking steps to ensure the safety and restoration of order in the liberated lands. One of these measures is to halt the flow of drugs in the region that was previously controlled by Armenia’s illegal regime in Karabakh.

Armenia used Karabakh and the surrounding seven regions for illegal activities such as arms and drug trafficking during its 30-year occupation of Azerbaijani territories. Despite the fact that Azerbaijan repeatedly raised the issue with international organizations, Armenia continued in the same vein, creating all of the necessary conditions for the illegal cultivation, production, and distribution of narcotic substances.

Azerbaijan closed the drug trafficking route from Iran to Armenia and then to Europe that used to pass through Jabrayil region.

After Azerbaijan regained control of the 130-km section of the state border with Iran, which had been under Armenian control for 30 years, the country closed the drug trafficking route from Iran to Armenia and then to Europe.

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