Bahamas Chief of Police Does Not Expect Cannabis Possession To Be De-Criminalized In 2021

EYEWITNESS NEWS NASSAU, BAHAMAS reports…..Commissioner of Police Paul Rolle said yesterday he does not believe possession of marijuana will be made legal in The Bahamas next year, despite recommendations from two government-appointed bodies to decriminalize possession of small quantities of the substance for personal use.

His statement came two days after Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis advised Parliament the records of individuals convicted for possession of small amounts of marijuana will be expunged next year.

Responding to questions from the media, the commissioner indicated that he will be answerable to enforce the law whichever direction the government takes, including any changes to the law governing the use of marijuana.

He said: “…Until the law changes, if you’re found with dope, you ‘gone get’ lock-up.

“Once that law is changed, then, of course, it wouldn’t be criminal anymore.

“Possession of marijuana today is still illegal, and I believe that possession of marijuana next year, is still going to be illegal.

“You have to look at what the recommendations say.

“It’s only specifics that will be exempted. It’s not that everybody will be able to go out and puff a joint. That will still be illegal.

“Look at the recommendations and see what those are.

“But once it reaches that point, Parliament will of course have to pass legislation to amend the Dangerous Drugs Act or create a new expungement act.


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