Bali: 39 kilos of drugs found in a villa were to be pushed to foreigners say local police

The Bali Police announced today a recent drug bust in which 39 kilograms of drugs (cocaine, crystal meth, weed – you name it, they found it) were found in a villa in Kerobokan Kelod. Authorities also identified three suspects in the case.

Bali Police Chief Gen. Putu Jayan Danu Putra said that the syndicate aimed to sell the drugs to international visitors on the Island of Gods. Bali’s tourism is slowly waking up after being dormant for about two years since the COVID-19 outbreak hit globally.

“The suspects stored narcotics in the villa and then the drugs were [to be] distributed to foreign citizens who would often visit nightclubs in Seminyak, Canggu, and Petitenget,” he said.

The police initially received tips from residents of Kerobokan Kelod about suspicious activity in their neighborhood. Ironically, the villa in question is located adjacent to the Kerobokan Correctional Institution.

It was reported that the place became a “home industry” for ecstasy production in the past three months, with most of the ingredients smuggled from China.

“[The narcotics entered the island] in January when Bali as well as both land and sea routes [into the island] were still quiet,” Putu Jayan said, adding that the suspects saw the reopening of nightclubs “as an opportunity.”

The drug bust occurred last Friday and two suspects, KS, 35, and KW, 48, were arrested. The drugs that were seized included 800 ecstasy pills, 35,182.66 grams of crystal meth, 32 grams of cocaine, and 2,669.4 grams of marijuana, among others.

The alleged drug kingpin, identified as AAGOP, 48, was later arrested for masterminding the scheme. AAGOP (who is also the villa’s owner) reportedly runs a night club and a tattoo studio in Seminyak.

Under the 2009 Anti-Narcotics Act, the suspects could either face death penalty or lifetime imprisonment if they’re found guilty.


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