Beard Brothers Tear Into Article Published On “Law 360”

Obviously they hadn’t come across the Law 360 concept of publishing before.. welcome to the trash party boys !

I have to say I did enjoy the critique

It’s rare that we cheer paywalls attached to cannabis news stories but in this case we will make an exception for the ALWAYS-PAYWALLED Definitely paywall this trash article with this trash headline. How out of touch can you be? Prop 64 was originally written to give a 5-year head start to cannabis farmers who grew on an acre or less. The last-minute law change to Prop64 – championed by Chads like Steve Deangelo – that allowed corporate cannabis cucks to “stack” small licenses and get around this provision not only crippled or killed countless old school legacy farms, but it led directly to the oversupply and the rock bottom value we now see in bulk weed. Oh, and yeah, it led to the sea of boof at your local pot shop, too. But this writer says that now that massive grow ops no longer need to stack licenses, now that they can just get one MEGALICENSE, “relief” is on the way. Take two weeks off and then quit, Law360.


The Article


Of course they should also be tearing into the author, Griffen Thorne of Harris Bricken …..

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