Belgium: Weed dealer arrested with 50,000 euros on his person

The Office of the Public Prosecutor (OPP) in Liège on Saturday requested an arrest warrant for the sale of narcotics and money laundering for an individual found with over 50,000 euros and an undisclosed quantity of cannabis on his person.

The individual in question, whose mother is also a suspect, had already been indicted on narcotic offences by the correctional court in early September, but had not been placed under an arrest warrant. However, the Liège OPP received information that he continued to sell drugs and intercepted him in Liège with the money and cannabis.

The OPP then resubmitted its application for an arrest warrant to the investigating judge.

The mother of the suspect, who was involved to a lesser degree since she kept the money earned from the sale of the drugs, also appeared before the investigating judge.

The Brussels Times


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