Belgium’s Deputy PM and Minister of the Economy and Employment Pierre-Yves Dermagne says time to end the hypocrisy on cannabis

ICBC writes

Belgium Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Economy and Employment Pierre-Yves Dermagne recently endorsed modernizing his nation’s cannabis policies to permit adult-use cannabis, stating that his country “must end the hypocrisy.”

“There is no point in using state resources to combat cannabis,” the deputy prime minister stated according to domestic reporting, adding that “there are types of crimes that are far more serious and have a far greater impact on societal life.”

Minister Pierre-Yves Dermagne also added that he supports regulating cannabis production and sales and that such activity should be taxed. He did not provide granular details regarding what an industry model should look like, what the tax rate should be, or what regulations would be involved.

The minister’s expressed support for adult-use legalization comes amidst a concerted push for cannabis policy modernization in Europe. Belgium’s neighbor, Luxembourg, recently passed a limited adult-use legalization measure. Luxembourg’s measure permits the legal cultivation, possession, and consumption of cannabis by adults of legal age.

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Belgium’s Cannabis Legalization Effort Receives A Big Endorsement


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