Benzinga Article Says Cuomo Cannabis Bill Just Won’t Work

Why? Because all towns, cities and counties ……”will be forced to allow adult-use cannabis businesses.” says their article

Benzinga write…

The bill killer is that the majority of towns and counties in the state will be forced to allow adult-use cannabis businesses. There is no viable opt-out option. New York’s Association of Towns, the local municipality lobbying arm, included the bill in its recent legislative update. This may be a signal that the locals are fighting back.

New York’s approach to municipal control and adult-use cannabis may not be legal, and at best, is unique. Other states provide towns and cities with the ability to opt-out of adult-use cannabis. A bill that recently died in the California Legislature required cities to permit medical dispensaries using a calculation based on the number of liquor licenses in a city. This approach treated cannabis as medicine.

The legislation also glaringly favors the few large cities in the state. This may be designed to ease the state’s administrative burdens. Others may interpret it as Albany and New York City controlling local standards.

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