Best CBD Oil Affiliate Programs in 2020


The market for CBD products is expanding rapidly, with no doubt that there is money to be made. If you are interested in affiliate programs then CBD is certainly a market to look at, as it is relatively young and yet established. How do you go about getting into CBD affiliate programs? First, let’s look at just how quickly this market is growing.

In 2019, the market for CBD was estimated to be worth $270million. At the present rate of growth, it is expected to be valued at $2.4billion by 2024! As you can see that is a colossal increase, and represents a good reason to get into affiliate CBD right now. So, let’s talk now about affiliate facts CBD and what you need to do to get in on the act.

Why Such Rapid Growth in CBD

The legalization of CBD products in the USA sparked a massive boom in the market, and with all growers and retailers now requiring a licence, the legitimate nature of the industry made it of interest to investors.

It is important, however, that you ensure you are affiliating with a legitimate supplier. For the record, to be legally sold, CBD must be made from a strain of cannabis called industrial hemp, it must contain no more than 0.3% THC – this being the psychoactive element in cannabis – and it must be grown and sold by license holders.

So, having said all that, how do you find the best CBD affiliate program? That’s what we’re here for, to help you look for the right one!

The Best Options

When you look for an affiliate deal you want one that offers a sensible return. The thing with the CBD market is that right now it offers some excellent returns in terms of affiliate programs. There are many that will pay you as much as 30% commission – depending upon the sales generated – and some great deals to be had, so let’s check out a few.

CBD Medic – one of the oldest established CBD companies of all, CBD Medic has been in the business since 1996 and is therefore a safe bet for affiliate marketing. Offering between 10 and 30% commission, it’s also a good one for returns, and should be high on your list if you’re serious about CBD affiliate programs. They also have a wide range of products which gives more scope for sales, and pay monthly.

CBD Living – a younger company formed in 2013, CBD Living is nevertheless a popular choice for affiliate programs, and they claim to have an advanced extraction technique. They pay 15% commission and have a broad range of products, and they are another monthly payment source. This is a reliable choice that should also be high on a shortlist.

Honest Paws – this is a niche market in that it is a CBD product for pets (indeed, CBD has benefits for animals as well as people!). They pay a flat fee of $50 for every referred new sale, which is a decent offer. One for those who want to try something different.

Those are just a few of the available options, and there are many more. Before we go, a few tips on choosing the one for you:

  • Look for longer cookie durations, as this means you have more time to make more money from less input
  • Choose a company with a wide range of products for better scope in terms of sales
  • Make sure you understand the terms completely.

So, now you know what it’s all about, why not get started with a CBD affiliate program! There’s money to be made in this fast-growing market, so don’t miss out.

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