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The THC vape pen is the most common way to consume cannabis on the market. Whether it is a 510 vape pen or a disposable weed pen, they are both hot-selling products for dispensaries, smoke shops, and wholesalers. As cannabis oil extract labs or cannabis brand companies, it is very important for them to choose high-quality empty vape cartridges for their oil, like CBD, D8 D9, THCA, HHC, live risen, live rosin etc. Since only top-quality pre-filled 510 cartridges and disposable weed pens can stick out from other brands and catch customers’ attention. Below we are gonna talk about how to choose the right 510 empty cartridge and empty disposable pen for your brand.

510 empty cartridge:

Product positioning: Designed for thick oil. 

Compatibility: Compatible with all different styles of 510 threading battery. 

Vaporizer coil materials: Full glass cart, full ceramic cartridge, cartridge with metal post. 

Capacity: 0.5ml/1.0ml/2.0ml. 

Oil intake hole: Choose different sizes of oil intake holes according to the viscosity of the oil, such as 1.2mm/1.4mm/1.6mm/1.8mm/2.0mm. 

Disposable or reusable: Disposable carts are for one-time use, such as the CCell M6T. Reusable means you can refill after use, such as the CCell Evo TH2 Oil Cartridge.

How to choose the best empty carts?

Product positioning: Choose cartridge capacity, ceramic coil material, designs, and oil intake size.

Safety: Ensure THC carts are free from heavy metals or toxic chemicals. requiring suppliers to provide heavy metal testing reports or get them tested in local labs.

Flavor: Fill five or ten pieces of 510 thc cart for each style, and choose the excellent

flavor and the purest taste ones.

Reliability: Conduct oil filling tests on 100-200pcs of cartridge

a. Observe if there is any oil leakage after 2 days of standing. 

b. Observe if there is any oil leakage during transportation. Transport the filled cartridge back and forth between the office and home twice.

c. Stand for 15 days after transportation to observe if there is any oil leakage. 

d. Observe if there is any oil leakage during the usage testing process and also see If you can taste the pure flavor of oil and if it gets burned or clogged.

Pricing: Evaluate the most reasonable price among the tested qualified products.

Supply chain: Buy from local wholesalers or distributors for less than 5000pcs/month; Considering to get them from a licensed Chinese vape manufacturer for more than 5000pcs/month.

According to the above simple steps, carefully select weed cartridges that complement the brand well. Present the purest and tastiest cannabis oil to consumers in its perfect form.

Empty disposable:

Empty disposables are devices where the vaporizer and battery are designed together, also known as all-in-one. They’re very convenient, you can just inhale, enjoy, and dispose of them when finished with oil. No need to separately purchase or maintain batteries and 510 cartridges.

How to choose empty disposable?

The choosing process is the same as the one we mentioned above for 510 threaded cartridges. 

Currently, the hottest selling in the market are 1 gram disposables and 2 gram disposables. For distillate or CBD oil, there are some large-capacity vapes like 3ml, 4ml and 5ml. But, it is recommended not to choose 5ml large-capacity vape products. This is because 5ml reaches the working limit of the ceramic coil, which can easily lead to decreased vaporization effectiveness, clogging and increased probability of oil leakage in the later stage of usage.

Because the all-in-one already includes the battery inside, when you choose an empty vape device, it’s not only important to pay attention to the vaporizer selection process but also to consider the voltage settings of the battery.

Depending on different cannabis oils, choose different vape voltage settings. For example, Lives Risen requires a three-voltage adjustment between 2.2V and 3.0V, while Delta 8 pens require a three-voltage adjustment between 3.0V and 3.7V. 

Keep an eye on new technologies for weed vape pens like, postless design and high-end ceramic heating at the bottom etc.



Relaxotech GD uses a new revolutionary ceramic heating coil in the oil tank’s bottom. It allows for higher potency extracts and viscous distillates with pure and smooth vape.

Whenever searching for empty disposable weed vapes, Relaxotech is your one-stop supplier from China. We offer a variety of stylish empty disposable vapes that have undergone regular laboratory testing. We also provide OEM packaging, filling machines, and OEM design services. Relaxotech was founded in early 2013 and obtained a Chinese electronic cigarette production license in September 2023. It has compliant production facilities and possesses 10 years of experience in product research and manufacturing.

Our commitment to the industry is to not only ensure you find the THC vape pen that perfectly suits your needs but also to offer comprehensive support services. Creating value for customers is our promise to the industry.

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