Boston Hemp Inc. announces the release of three new strains of hemp flower

BOSTONJuly 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Boston Hemp Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of new strains of hemp to its already popular line of products. Boston Hemp Inc. has added Purple Urkle, Sour Dog and Gogi OG to its line-up of available hemp flower. The new strains are available as smalls. Smalls are from the same harvest as larger buds but are smaller in size. There is no difference in the levels of CBD that can be found in this smaller sized bud of these new strains. The new strains are available to be infused with additional cannabinoids such as Delta-8 THC, HHC or THC-O.

Purple Urkle is a rich and robust hemp strain filled with earthy notes. Sour Dog has sour notes and a fruity flavor profile. Gogi OG is not only fruity, it is sweet. Each of these new strains are organically grown on hemp farms located in Vermont and are of the highest quality.

Boston Hemp Inc. is a premier retailer of fine hemp products. Their product line-up consists of flower, concentrates, edibles and vapes. Their products are available for sale at both their retail location in Hanover, Massachusetts and on-line at

SOURCE Boston Hemp Inc.

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