Brazil x2 Videos – “Special commission promotes technical meeting on drugs formulated with Cannabis Fonte: Agência Câmara de Notícias”

Here’s what the alert says …...The special commission that analyzes the bill on drugs formulated with Cannabis ( PL 399/15 ) brings together experts and representatives of civil society to discuss the matter at a technical meeting this morning.

At the meeting, the proposal’s rapporteur, Mr Luciano Ducci (PSB-PR), will read the draft of his opinion . The debate on the proposal will be divided by groups of guests and themes: mothers, fathers and patient associations; representatives of religious institutions; doctors; cultivation; living pharmacy; search; and regulated sector.

The debate will be broadcast live on the Chamber of Deputies YouTube channel , starting at 10 am.

Report provides for cultivation of Cannabis (marijuana) in Brazil with restrictions – 02/09/20


A report favorable to the regulation of marijuana planting in Brazil for medicinal purposes was presented at a virtual event on Wednesday. A wide and varied debate surrounds the theme. The chairman of the special committee that studies the topic intends to request urgency for the vote to go straight to the Ulysses Guimarães Plenary. Deputies from various political or ideological currents were in favor of the proposal. But representatives of opposing social and parliamentary segments also participated in the discussions. 





Check the complete schedule:

10h – Opening – Deputy Paulo Teixeira (PT-SP)

10h10 – Minute Reading – Deputy Luciano Ducci (PSB-PR)

1st Block
10:30 am – former director of Anvisa William DIB

10:40 am – Federal Police Chief Marcos Paulo (to be confirmed)

2nd Block – Mothers, Fathers and Associations

3rd Block – Representatives of religious institutions

11:40 am – State Deputy Luiz Fernando Teixeira

11:45 am – District Deputy Rodrigo Delmasso

11:50 am – Padre Ticão

1:30 pm – Reopening – Deputy Paulo Teixeira and journalist Tarso Araújo

13h45 – Representative of OAB, Rodrigo Mesquita

4th Block – Doctors

1:55 pm – Dr. Ricardo Ferreira

14h – Dr. Leandro Ramires (to be confirmed)

14h05 – Dr. Carolina Nocetti

14h10 – Deputy Eduardo Costa (PTB-PA) – Doctor

5th Block – Cultivation

14h20 – Dennys Zsolts

14h25 – Sérgio Rocha

2:30 pm – Roberto Vieira (Embrapa)

6th Block – Farmácia Viva

7th Block – Search

15h10 – Fabrício Pamplona

15h15 – Margarete Akemi

8th Block – Regulated sector

15h25 – ABIQUIFI

3:30 pm – INDEOV

3:35 pm – LAIHA

3:40 pm – IPSEC

16h – Closing


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Fonte: Agência Câmara de Notícias

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