Brazilian Teen Manuela Vitoria de Araujo Farias Could Face Death Penalty In Bali After 3kg Cocaine Found In Her Luggage At Airport

A teenage tourist is could face death by firing squad after allegedly smuggling drugs into Bali.

Brazilian Manuela Vitoria de Araujo Farias, 19, was found with 3kg of cocaine in her luggage after landing in Bali on January 27 but claims she was tricked into importing the drug haul by a gang.

Farias’ lawyer says she was only visiting the island to visit temples where monks pray for the sick, as her mother recently suffered a stroke, the Bali Times reported.

They said that she could pray in the temples to ask for her mother’s healing,” the lawyer said.

She flew into Bali from Brazil via Qatar, but the drugs were not detected until she landed on the holiday island.

Australian tourist Jeffrey Welton, a 52-year-old surf instructor from Perth, dodged the death penalty last month after getting caught with meth and heroin.

He was sentenced to eight months in a rehab facility rather than face a firing squad.

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