Brentwood Increases Fines For Illegal Growing

Last July, the City of Brentwood agreed to additional penalties for illegal cultivation of marijuana within the city of Brentwood. The penalty is now $100 per plant over the legal limit. At the time, Code Enforcement Supervisor Roberta Portillo-Bienemann explained to the council how the City of Brentwood has seen an increase in illegal marijuana grows inside single-family homes. Staff was seeking additional penalties to clarify they were seeking penalties on a per plant basis as a deterrent for illegal marijuana grows inside single-family homes.

According to staff at the meeting, if someone is unable to pay the fine, it would go to collection and possibly a lien against the property—ultimately it falls on the property owner and any potential buyer of a property would be aware of the violations against the property. Citations are $100 for the first violation, $200 for the second


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