CA: Oxnard council gives approval to allow cannabis manufacturing, testing, distributing

VC Star reports…..Businesses that focus on manufacturing, testing and distributing cannabis could apply to operate in Oxnard starting next month because the City Council on Tuesday moved to relax the current ban.

With a unanimous vote, council gave preliminary approval for cannabis distributors and manufacturers and a testing lab to open in the city. The council could give final approval in two weeks and the new marijuana ordinance would go in effect in mid-July.

The city is looking to allow up to eight manufacturers, three distributors and one testing lab.

Marijuana dispensaries were not part of this ordinance, but council members discussed it at length.

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Click on image below for the Oxnard City Council Cannabis Information Page


Here’s the Meeting 4 June 2019 Documents

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Pages 611 – 672  are what you need to read


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