California Cannabis Company Accused Of Illegally Dumping Hazardous Waste

The report reveals that the defendants allegedly paid a hauler in cash to dispose of the dangerous material

Federal prosecutors say the owner and administrator of a local marijuana production facility arranged the illegal disposal of more than 1,500 pounds of hazardous waste on public and private property in San Diego county.

The seven-page indictment alleges that Lunar Loussia, a part-owner of Wellgreens CA, and company administrator Nadia Malloian conspired to illegally dump 28 drums filled with contaminated ethanol, which was used for the production of THC oil.

According to the June 19 indictment, the defendants used an unlicensed garbage hauler to remove the 55-gallon drums of ethanol from the company’s headquarters on Trade Street, near Miramar Road. Each drum held 55-gallons of the toxic fuel.

The defendants allegedly paid the hauler in cash to dispose of the dangerous material at unlicensed sites, without filing the required paperwork, according to the complaint.

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Lunar Loussia, CEO’s Bio


In 2016, Lunar Loussia, CEO, co-founded Wellgreens CA Management LLC, the parent company of a licensed and operational cannabis manufacturing and distribution facilities in San Diego. Wellgreens CA was first licensed in late 2017 and became operational in January 2018. Mr. Loussia was instrumental in developing Wellgreens CA into a state-of-the-art operational manufacturing and distribution facility. The scope of this accomplishment is demonstrated by the fact that Wellgreens CA is the only licensed manufacturing facility currently operating in the entire City of San Diego.

Mr. Loussia has taken the lead in developing Wellgreens CA into a leading manufacturer for various cannabis brands, also known as “co-packing” or “white labelling.” This fills a very important niche in the cannabis marketplace since most established brands don’t have the means or knowhow to develop the kind of manufacturing facility operated by Wellgreens CA or get it licensed.

Mr. Loussia is in charge of Wellgreens CA’s supply chain, relationships with vendors, supervision of the sales team, and overseeing the manufacturing, packaging, and testing processes. He has also had a significant hand in the development of the SOPs and quality control for the entire facility. In addition, Mr. Loussia serves as the internal comptroller and ultimately is responsible for profit and loss, accounting and analytics, and government relations.

Mr. Loussia brings over 18 years of retail experience and operational infrastructure to Wellgreens CA. Notably, in 2009, Mr. Loussia founded WG Wireless, a wireless phone retailer. In just five years, he grew the organization to over 150 employees in 44 locations across California, Michigan, and Ohio. Mr. Loussia’s forte is an analytics-based approach to business development and leveraging infrastructure to support growth. In late, 2015, Mr. Loussia sold WG Wireless and decided to bring his analytics-based, scalable business strategy, to the burgeoning cannabis industry.

Mr. Loussia serves as a Board Member for one of the largest cannabis focused nonprofits in San Diego, the Association of Cannabis Professionals. With his growth strategy and organizational structure, he is looking to bring legitimacy to the cannabis industry.

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