MJ Biz has a report on some of California’s bigger cannabis retailers using a tried and tested supermarket product placement model.

As the story states this will force out smaller and organic suppliers.

A strange model to follow because if you look at supermarket trends both in the US and the UK they are increasingly looking to be more inclusive with local and smaller suppliers.

Another indication that “big cannabis” both on the supply and retail side is developing into and industry that has a paucity of new ideas.

We will be welcoming the first cannabis . Body Shop, Lush, Wholefoods (the original not what it is now) , Waitrose with open arms.

Nectar based out of Oregon could be a contender on this front.


MJ Biz report

A growing trend among California cannabis retailers to charge brands for shelf space – and, thus, access to customers – has some in the industry decrying the practice as “pay-to-play” that threatens to crowd out smaller companies from the market.

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California marijuana retailers charge product suppliers for shelf space, creating friction in the industry