California: Dealer From the Largest Bust in Humboldt Drug Task Force History Pleads to 18-Year Split Sentence, Including Six Years in the County Jail

Sixty-nine-year-old Jose Santiago Lomeli Osuna received an 18-year sentence this morning per the terms of a plea deal for five counts of drug possession for sale. The charges stem from the largest one-time seizure of illicit substances in the history of the Humboldt County Drug Task Force. However, Mr. Lomeli Osuna will spend only a fraction of that 18-year term behind bars.

In handing down the sentence Judge Christopher Wilson explained that these nonviolent drug offenses entitle Lomeli Osuna to a split sentence, with up to half of his time to be spent in the county jail and the remainder under mandatory supervision.

“The amount of controlled substances brought into the county is completely inexcusable and warrant Mr. Lomeli Osuna being excluded from the community for the lengthiest period of time that’s available to the court,” Wilson said. “That’s how dangerous this particular behavior was — and is.”

The maximum sentence for his crimes, which include possession for sale of large amounts of fentanyl, methamphetamine, heroin and cocaine, is 18 years. However, per rule 4.415 of the California Rules of Court, Lomeli Osuna must be incarcerated in the county jail, rather than state prison. Wilson said that fact gave him pause.


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