California: Hank The Sniffer Dog Forced Into Early Retirement

Fresh Toast reports

“With Prop 64 we’ve seen some changes in California law as it applies to marijuana.. one of the odors he’s trained to alert on is marijuana,” Lompoc Police Sgt. Kevin Martin told KEYT. “With Hank’s training being in marijuana, we felt we couldn’t use him the same way we could prior to the change in the law,” Martin said.

According to Martin, law enforcement agencies across the state may be forced to retire more and more K-9 officers because of Prop 64. “They’re all facing this issue .. and they’re going to have to make a determination on how they’re going to deal with it,” Martin said.

But don’t feel to sorry for Hank. On Thursday afternoon, the Lompoc Police Department celebrated the retirement of the popular pup with a pot (no pun intended) luck supper.

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