California Legislator Wants California Highway Patrol To Be Responsible “for investigating black-market cannabis activity,”

LA Weekly reports…..

A Golden State lawmaker wants to make sure the recreational market is well policed when licensed sales begin in January. Assemblyman Tom Lackey of Palmdale is proposing that the California Highway Patrol take responsibility “for investigating black-market cannabis activity,” according to a statement from his office.

“California is about to embark on the biggest experiment in cannabis policy in our nation’s history. Whether the federal government will take action against our state remains a major question,” Lackey said in a statement. “If we want to avoid intervention from the federal government, we need to do everything we can to crack down on illegal activity and prevent cannabis from being exported out of state. Without a central point for coordinating action statewide, accomplishing this will be a huge challenge.”

His proposal, Assembly Bill 1733, was introduced too late to make the legislative session that ended last week, but it will be considered early next year, according to Lackey’s office.

Because it’s so new, details of the bill have not been worked out, and there’s no fact sheet available, the lawmaker’s spokesman said. The CHP might seem to be an odd choice to run statewide cannabis enforcement, but there could be some synergy here, experts say.

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