California: Los Angeles City Attorney Closes Down Medical Marijuana Delivery Service

19 May 2016

Cannabis Business Executive reports

On Friday, May 13, the Los Angeles City Attorney’s office issued the following statement:

“City Attorney Mike Feuer today announced that his office has secured the shutdown of SpeedWeed, a marijuana delivery and distribution business, for violating voter approved Proposition D.”

 “This is another successful step in our sustained effort to uphold the voters’ will under Proposition D.,” said Feuer.

Cosmic Mind, a corporation doing business as SpeedWeed, and its corporate officers, have entered into a judicially enforced agreement to shutter their operations in the City of Los Angeles effective June 6, 2016.

SpeedWeed’s responded thus,

On Friday, May 13, 2016, the L.A. City Attorney’s office issued a statement that “SpeedWeed has ceased operations” because we are allegedly in violation of zoning ordinance Measure D (also known as “Proposition D”).

SpeedWeed is presently open and fully operational. We have been working with the City Attorney on a “wind down” period to pause operations within the City Limits. Because of the City-imposed injunction, we are forced to put 40 good people out of work.

With a heavy heart, we requested time to give our employees the chance to make new arrangements for work, do what is best for their families, and to insure safe access for our members. The City agreed.

SpeedWeed continues to operate and expand. This is not the end of SpeedWeed in the City of Los Angeles. This is only the first chapter. We intend to have our day in court. Win or lose, it is important that a judge, jury, and Los Angeles voters understand the insidious way Proposition D was drafted, passed, and enforced. Citizens of Los Angeles are unaware of the unintended consequences of this unjust, obscure and very dangerous zoning rule.

L.A. City Attorney Mike Feuer has publicly stated that he believes individuals have the right to safe access to marijuana, but since Proposition D was passed “overwhelmingly,” by the “will of the voters,”  he must enforce that ordinance. The ordinance that passed in 2013 with very low voter turnout and very little voter education, puts the entire L.A. Cannabis Industry into the hands of a few brick-and-mortar dispensaries and prevents any new business from entry.

In the industry, these dispensaries are known as “The Marijuana Monopoly.” As interpreted by the City Attorney, Prop D bans home delivery in the City of Los Angeles under all circumstances, including to thousands of blind, elderly, disabled, and home-bound patients who rely on medical marijuana delivery services such as SpeedWeed.

SpeedWeed had been operating successfully for years before the passage of “Prop D.” Its passage predates Mr. Feuer’s election, so we give him the benefit of the doubt when his statements portray this rule as a widely supported voter mandate. Furthermore, Prop D is inconsistent with a number of state laws including the newly passed Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act (MMRSA).

Mr. Feuer is misinterpreting the true will of the voters and he is unaware of the destructive consequences of this broadly applied ordinance.

We work closely with the California State Assembly and the State Board of Equalization. We have excellent relationships with many cities throughout California, including several in Los Angeles County.

SpeedWeed’s Code of Conduct is the industry standard on how to run a cannabis business safely and legally. Officials throughout California frequently ask us why L.A. continues to damage the cannabis industry: an industry so fragile, but so important to the future financial health of California.

The answer is politics and money.

We are reaching out to Mr. Feuer in the hopes that we can form an amicable and productive relationship. We are willing and able to help him and L.A. City Council solve the “Prop D Problem.” Mr. Feuer has a responsibility to learn how Proposition D negatively affected hundreds of thousands of L.A. citizens. He must decide if he supports privacy rights, patient rights, and a safer Los Angeles. Or, he must support the City Council and Prop D, which puts all cannabis dollars in the hands of a very few, violates our personal and medical privacy, fuels the underground economy, and makes the city a more dangerous place.

We hope Mr. Feuer will allow us to present our irrefutable evidence that with SpeedWeed in business, Los Angeles is a safer, freer place.

In future statements, we will detail the politics surrounding the writing, passing and enforcement of Prop D, including the strange way our individual case has been conducted. First, we offer friendship and guidance to LA City Attorney Mike Feuer. Voters, industry leaders, elected officials and state agencies throughout California support SpeedWeed in our lawsuit with the city.

SpeedWeed is not the problem. We hope Mr. Feuer will recognize this and accept our offer to help the City bring its cannabis laws in line with the true will of the voters. Proposition D will eventually be amended, repealed or replaced. But why wait? If the City and SpeedWeed work together, Los Angeles can lead the state instead of continuing to lag behind.

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