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Product liability class action anyone !

SF reports

Report: Much of the Bay Area’s cannabis is tainted with something

The greatest threat standing in the way of California’s march toward legalized marijuana isn’t Attorney General Jeff Sessions or Big Pharma. It’s the cannabis industry itself. Proof positive is hidden behind the glass-and-concrete walls of a low-slung building on an otherwise nondescript block of warehouses and auto body shops in Hunters Point.

It was here, where Anresco Laboratories has been testing imported seafood for the FDA since 1982 and, more recently, marijuana, that workers in white lab coats recently confirmed what many within the cannabis world have known for years: Much of the roughly $1 billion in cannabis sold in California’s 1,000-plus dispensaries every year is dirty. At least that’s what workers at Anresco found when they were asked to test buds, edibles, and concentrates entered in the competition at last August’s HempCon, one of several such trade shows. Some 80 percent of the product entered came back tainted with mold, pesticides, and harmful solvents. The dirty pot wouldn’t have been allowed on dispensary shelves in Colorado or Oregon, where marijuana must undergo quality-control testing before entering the legal market, and it certainly won’t pass muster when California adopts its own controls in January—expected to be even stricter than those in other states.

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The Future of California’s Regulations: Q&A with Josh Drayton

 Cannabis Industry Jnl

The Future of California’s Regulations: Q&A with Josh Drayton

Josh Drayton, deputy director of the California Cannabis Industry Association, has an extensive career in local and state-level politics, with his origins in Humboldt County as a political organizer. As a coffee shop owner about ten years ago in Humboldt, he let city council candidates use his space for community engagement, which eventually steered him towards a career in politics. As a heavily involved resident of Northern California and an advocate in local and state matters, he came to understand cannabis as a strong economic driver for the region and beyond.

Drayton saw firsthand how local economies benefit from cannabis as a source of income, economic activity, and providing occupational opportunities for many families in Humboldt County. After running a handful of local campaigns in the Humboldt region, Drayton served as deputy director for a state senate campaign in Riverside.

Haze surrounding California marijuana regulations is starting to clear

Presently, there is a scramble to find local jurisdictions that are embracing the industry. Some smaller cities see the potential for tremendous tax revenue and are welcoming cannabis businesses, but others are struggling with competing constituencies and are tepid to embrace the industry.


Fresno moves toward recreational marijuana OK after tempestuous council meeting

Fresno moves toward recreational marijuana OK after tempestuous council meeting


Oceanside continues crafting medical marijuana ordinance

Cannabis consumers, consultants and dispensary representatives offered their ideas this week on how Oceanside can create a medical marijuana ordinance unique to its needs.

“The real issue is going to be on the dispensary side,” said Oceanside Councilman Jerry Kern. He’s one of four members of the city’s medical marijuana ad hoc committee, which is ironing out details of the proposed legalization.

Oceanside allows medical marijuana deliveries but has no legal dispensaries in the city.

Source: San Diego Union Tribune

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