California Wrap: El Dorado County, Palm Springs, City of Sonora,


Title: El Dorado County moves toward temporary cannabis ban

Author: Tahoe Daily Tribune

Date:  18 November 2017


Extract:  The El Dorado County Board of Supervisors conceptually approved a temporary ban on commercial licenses for both medical and recreational cannabis, with the exception of the medical cannabis dispensaries currently allowed to operate under county ordinance 4999.

Tuesday’s action does not affect those who grow marijuana for personal use within the parameters of voter-approve Proposition 64.

The supervisors also dissolved the ad hoc Medical Marijuana Advisory Committee and created an hoc Cannabis Advisory Committee with supervisors Sue Novasel and Michael Ranalli tapped to serve. The new committee is charged with exploring options for handling commercial licenses and possible ballot measures related to taxing marijuana in the future.

The Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act allows counties to decide whether they will allow commercial cultivation and marijuana retailers in their jurisdictions. This temporary ban will inform the state that such activity is not allowed at this time and any applications for state licenses to commercially grow or sell marijuana for medical or recreational use in El Dorado County should be denied.


Title: Prohibition is over,’ Palm Springs paves the way for recreational marijuana use

Author: Desert Sun



Extract: Recreational pot becomes legal in California on Jan. 1, and Palm Springs is ready for it.

The city council passed a sweeping new ordinance creating a framework for the growing and selling of adult-use marijuana in the city, including social spaces for people to smoke or consume edibles.

The council voted 4-1 on Wednesday to adopt the ordinance. Council member Chris Mills, who has routinely voted against marijuana-related measures, cast the no vote.

“Prohibition is over,” Council member Geoff Kors said after the vote.

The regulations allow for the establishment of cannabis lounges, places where recreational pot can be consumed on site. Lounges will be allowed in all commercial and manufacturing areas, with the exception of industrial zones and the airport.

The lounges will operate like cannabis bars, where pot can be sold and consumed on site. Patrons who don’t smoke–or eat–everything they buy can bring home their leftovers in a doggy bag.



Title: Sonora Leaders To Discuss Cannabis Ordinance

Author: Union Democrat

Date: 17 November 2017



City of Sonora leaders will consider introducing a proposed ordinance Monday night that would outlaw outdoor cultivation of medical and recreational cannabis within city limits, set restrictions on indoor growing, and enact a temporary ban on cannabis-related businesses.

“It prescribes how medical or recreational personal grows can occur and places restrictions on all commercial activities,” City Administrator Tim Miller said of the proposal.

Miller said the Sonora City Council will then consider final approval of the ordinance at its next regularly scheduled meeting on Dec. 4. If approved, the ordinance would take effect after Jan. 1.

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