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California Cannabis CPA Weekly Update

More California cities are joining the green rush and licensing Cannabis operations.  Our latest blog post covers the licensing process for the city of Coalinga.

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Title: Cannabis crop expansion into forests threatens wildlife habitat, causes other environmental damage


Date: 2 November 2017


Extract:  Their approach uses per-unit-area analysis of landscape change. To study in northern California, the scientists compared the effects of to those of timber harvest from 2000 to 2013 in Humboldt County. Based on the size, shape and placement of the cannabis grows among 62 randomly selected watersheds, they quantified the impacts relative to those of timber harvest. “We found that although timber has greater landscape impacts overall, cannabis causes far greater changes in key metrics on a per-unit-area basis,” said Butsic.



Title: Arvin considers allowing indoor cannabis cultivation


Date: 1 November 2017


Extract: The County of Kern and the City of Bakersfield are apparently united in banning all commercial cannabis activity, but the City of Arvin may have other ideas. The small, rural community, about half an hour south of Bakersfield, is looking to allow the indoor cultivation of commercial marijuana. The city’s planning commission voted 4-1 on Monday to approve a resolution recommending that an ordinance to that effect be approved by the Arvin City Council. The council will discuss it Nov. 7.“There’s nothing we can do to stop people from smoking marijuana,” said Mayor Jose Gurrola. “The most effective way to deal with it is to regulate it. The purpose of this ordinance, really, is to effectively deal with this emerging industry.”



Title: Legal or not, commercial weed will not be coming to Gilroy

Author: Gilroy Dispatch

Date: 1 November 2017


Extract:  The city has already legislated against medical marijuana dispensaries and will take action in the next few weeks to ban recreational growing and sales of cannabis. “We have to do something before the end of the year or you fall into state licensing requirements,” said city planner Sue O’Strander. “Our intent is to stay in line with what Gilroy expects.” Gilroy has legislated against medicinal marijuana and will make amendments to the city code regarding personal use of marijuana and the planning department has recommended restricting commercial sales.



Title:   County releases draft cannabis ordinance Considers some commercial cultivation to help farmers

Author: Half Moon Bay Review

Date: 1 November 2017


Extract:  As the state prepares to issue commercial cannabis licenses starting Jan. 1, 2018, San Mateo County has drafted an ordinance that, if adopted, would guide what is allowed in its unincorporated communities. The clock is ticking as the Board of Supervisors must take action on the ordinance, or extend an existing moratorium on commercial cannabis activity that’s set to end Dec. 12. As it stands, the draft would allow the commercial cultivation of cannabis in greenhouse spaces — 20 percent of which are now vacant due to declines in the cut flower industry — provided that it doesn’t displace other agricultural activities. “That was really the focus of the Board (of Supervisors). If there’s empty space in greenhouses we wanted to see if there was any opportunity to use that to help our farmers,” said Andrew Berthelsen, the county’s Prop 64 implementation coordinator.


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