California Wrap: State, Clearlake,


Title:  Cal/OSHA Drafts Rules for the Marijuana/Cannabis Industry and Heat Illness Prevention in Indoor Places of Employment

Author: The Blunt Truth / Seyfarth Shaw

Date: 12 February 2018



The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) recently held advisory meetings on the Agency’s draft rules for the Marijuana/Cannabis Industry and for the Heat Illness Prevention in Indoor Places of Employment.  It is seeking public comments.


Title: California could see a $643-million marijuana tax haul in first full year of legalization, Gov. Jerry …

Author: LA Times

Date: 9 February 2018




Title:  Clearlake City Council approves first reading of commercial cannabis ordinance amendment

Author: Lake County News

Date: 12 February 2018



CLEARLAKE, Calif. – The Clearlake City Council on Thursday held a first reading of a commercial cannabis ordinance amendment to clarify language regarding where the activities can take place, with council members indicating they wanted to protect the Lakeshore Drive corridor.

City Manager Greg Folsom and City Attorney Ryan Jones brought the amendment to the council in order to address issues with an ordinance the council approved in October which, because of a missing semicolon, appeared to allow for growing on both sides of Highway 53.

In December, the council implemented an urgency ordinance to prevent commercial cannabis on the west side of Highway 53, where they had indicated at that time that they didn’t want the activities, as Lake County News has reported.


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