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What you need to know about California’s updated marijuana rules


Title:  Humboldt County to aid state in marijuana farm inspections through pilot program

Author: Times Standard

Date: 22 May 2018



Humboldt County will become one of several testing grounds the state’s CalCannabis division will use this year to determine how best to monitor the thousands of cannabis farms in the state with limited staff and resources.

This pilot project launching this month by the California Department of Agriculture division is testing whether local agricultural inspectors, including those in Humboldt County, can inspect farm compliance with both local and state marijuana laws.

CalCannabis supervising special investigator Tabatha Chavez told the county Board of Supervisors on Tuesday the cannabis industry presents a rare opportunity to build a regulatory program from the ground up.

“You guys are one jurisdiction within about 500 jurisdictions within the state between cities and counties that we have to be cognizant of,” Chavez told the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday. “We are trying to develop a program from the start that supports that and integrates us. This contract, I believe, will be a cornerstone to that.”

The Humboldt County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously Tuesday to approve a contract with the state to become one of seven counties that will participate in the pilot project. The other participating counties are Alameda, San Mateo, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, Trinity and Mendocino


Title: Ban medical marijuana businesses, Kettering city staff suggests

Author: WHIOTV7

Date: 24 April 2018



Kettering city staff members in a presentation to City Council Tuesday evening strongly recommended that there be a permanent ban on medical marijuana businesses in the city.

A March 23 memo from city staff to council had also asked for enacting a ban on the businesses in the city. The primary reason given is that Ohio’s medical marijuana program is in conflict with federal law, which considers marijuana a Schedule 1 drug.

Kettering Assistant City Manager Steven Bergstresser placed more than 10 slides chock full of details he felt would convince council members to replace the city’s temporary moratorium with a permanent ban.

MORE: Kettering officials consider permanent ban on medical marijuana businesses

“We looked at it from a legal perspective, land use perspective and a legal perspective,” he explained. “From a legal perspective it is still illegal at a federal level and so we felt that because of that disconnect between state law and federal law and the fact that businesses operating marijuana operate on a cash only basis so it leads to a potential of increased crime.”

Bergstresser stressed to Council that research conducted on other states that have enacted marijuana usage revealed problems that Kettering should avoid.

“California and Colorado have published reports that they have seen detrimental impact on their communities after the establishment of marijuana in their communities,” he said. “The FDA says that it has not approved marijuana for medical use. So that was enough evidence to recommend a ban here in Kettering.”


Title: Sacramento Cannabis Cap Could Leave Business Plans Up In Smoke

Author: CBS Sacramento

Date: May 2018


Extract: The city is looking to limit the number of cannabis businesses in the area, raising concerns among cultivators and business owners. Watch TV report at link above



Title: Sonora council moves pot-tax measure forward, sanctuary state talks stall

Author: Union Democrat

Date: 22 May 2018



The Sonora City Council on Monday agreed to take no formal position for now in the growing debate over California’s sanctuary state law and unanimously approved a ballot measure for the Nov. 6 general election to tax potential cannabis businesses.

Mayor Connie Williams said there were many people at the public meeting on Monday who told the council they were opposed to the city showing support for lawsuits against the state that have been filed by the federal government and a number of cities and counties in Southern California.

“The main concern people had, especially those who have come here from other countries legally, is that the people who come into our country undocumented will go onto living in the shadows,” Williams said of the public comments at the meeting.

The discussion centered around the city’s options with regard to Senate Bill 54, which made California the nation’s first sanctuary state for undocumented immigrants when it took effect on Jan. 1.

Known as the California Values Act, SB 54 precludes state and local law enforcement agencies from being compelled to enforce federal immigration laws.

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