California’s Biggest Cannabis Delivery Service Introduces Management Services for Cannabis License Holders

Rooted Group, having made up nearly 25% of all cannabis delivery services in California, is now aimed at helping already existing cannabis operators with their administrative and logistical infrastructure.

Effective immediately, Rooted Group is now offering services to not just cannabis companies who want to get legal, but also already licensed cannabis companies. Knowing first hand some of the operational and administrative struggles in satisfying the long list of regulatory requirements, Rooted is looking to provide long lasting support for those in the industry.

Currently providing support for hundreds of drivers on the road each day, expanding across all of California, and with the addition of several licenses, Rooted Group feels that it has the proper systems and technology to support all Cannabis businesses in California.

“While acquiring more licenses for expansion, I had a lot of heartfelt conversations with license holders. Many of which have given everything to become a legal cannabis company and they are losing it, or looking for a way out” In a statement given by Matthew Ehorn, Communications Director of Rooted Group. “The primary cause of this is keeping up with the day to day administrative work that is required. METRC, Paperwork, Ordering products from brands/distributors and it never showing up. It’s hard to keep up – and not pleasant when you have to do it alone”

With the Management Service, Rooted Group will be offering all the same things that it offers its Members. Proprietary technology, administrative support, human resources, tax and accounting services, and its distribution network which gives access to order some of the most exclusive brands in California. Matthew said, “This service will basically be removing all the auxiliary expenses and vendors that come with operating, and creating one source for all administrative and technological needs.”

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About Rooted Group:
Rooted Group exists to help bring more inclusivity to the cannabis industry. We believe that anyone who wants to be a legal cannabis operator should be a legal cannabis operator. Helping people get and stay compliant through legal, management, and logistical support. Our infrastructure covers the entire State and supports a quarter of all cannabis delivery services in California. Providing efficient systems and integrated solutions to the complex cannabis architecture is what Rooted Group is always aiming for. To learn more about the services we offer click here:

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