California’s Siskiyou county hopes to dry up illegal cannabis grows by limiting water supply

The Growth Op reports

California’s Siskiyou County has identified a novel way to evaporate the growing number of illegal cannabis farms sprouting up in a state that seems to forever be on the brink of drought: restrict where water trucks can go.

After green-lighting the new ordinance under the Sikiyou County Code earlier this month, the Board of Supervisors issued a notice of a public hearing to gather additional input “relating to water trucks and regulating their use upon certain county roads.” That meeting is scheduled for June 1 or as soon thereafter as possible in response to COVID-19 infection rates at the time.

The new ordinance — which exempts emergency vehicles, cannot conflict with state or federal law and applies to about a dozen roads in unincorporated parts of the Butte Valley and Big Springs areas — defines a water truck as a vehicle designed or being used to carry water or tow water tanks or bladders of 100 gallons or more.

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