Calls for trial of London cannabis legalisation as early as 2022

UK site High & Polite reports…

A new report has been published by the London Cannabis Legalisation Commission

This is what’s being said

A new report published by the London Cannabis Legalisation Commission calls for a trial of legal cannabis in London to begin as early as 2022.

The London Cannabis Legalisation Commission’s, London Cannabis Study published on Monday 27 September, says there is no place for a room for complacency when it comes to the potential for a new medical cannabis industry in London.


Read more about the call for London legalisation in our exclusive interview with commission chair Hamish Stewart

The report includes 20 recommendations for the Mayor of London and the London Assembly on how to create model cannabis regulations that would enable the city’s councils to launch legal cannabis production and retail pilot programmes.

The report draws on international best practice to identify key steps for London to lead the country with retail cannabis pilot programmes and the start of a local craft cannabis production system, leapfrogging the UK’s “outdated” legal regime.

Legal cannabis production and retail pilots would help to catch the city up with jurisdictions around the world who have legal markets, says the report.

The public study launch will include an international expert roundtable on 30 September, highlighting lessons from cities including Oakland, CA, Vancouver, Canada, and Atlanta, GA, and other jurisdictions including Jamaica and the US state of Colorado which have all proceeded with legal retail cannabis markets and local production.

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