Can CBD Oil Help Alleviate Symptoms of Anxiety?

CBD or Cannabidiol is one of the chemicals found in Cannabis Sativa plants which is a species that includes hemp and marijuana. Most CBD products are taken from hemp plants. The amount of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is very low in CBD products, thereby reducing the intoxication effects.

To understand how it works in our system we need to understand how it impacts our brain. The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) controls all internal functions like movement, temperature, mood, etc. It makes sure that all those are working properly. In case your body is overheating from a strenuous trek, it sends the signals to get your body to cool down. Furthermore, CBD oil helps the ECS further perform these functions regularly. 

CBD Impacts on Anxiety

Recently, CBD has been marketed as a treatment for medical problems like cancer, Alzheimer’s, and many mental problems. The research is done on its properties also concludes that it can help with anxiety and depression, both of which are on a rise now among young and older generations. Both of these conditions are interconnected. Both can result in bad sleeping habits, body pains, and mood fluctuations. Anxiety leads to more discomfort which further leads to depression and that brings back even more anxiety. 

CBD oil has known to positively regulate mood and sleep patterns. It also helps alleviate the pain perception. Once these are functioning properly, the person starts to feel better as they get good sound sleep and experience less pain. CBD for pain relief can help reduce discomfort from physical conditions too like a fracture. CBD helps the ECS system to function properly to promote healthy sleep, etc which makes the person feel better.

It produces a calmness in the mind which can be full of racing and chaotic thoughts as the person are going through pain or anxiety, especially at night when they are trying to sleep. Disrupted sleep is one of the leading causes of depression. By helping ease sleep disorders like sleepwalking, nightmares and cutting down the time taken to sleep, the person wakes up feeling fresh and is less anxious. 


In social gatherings or any stressful events like public speaking, it reduces stress levels too. CBD oil decreases anxiety by decreasing the activity of the Amygdala and increasing prefrontal Cortex activities. These are two main aspects involved in triggering anxiety. It significantly reduces performance-related anxiety. 

However, it is important to note that CBD shows results on different people differently. That makes it tricky to use as a one-solution to everyone. In some cases, depression and anxiety factors are also genetic. Therefore, CBD oil may be effective for some and not for others. It shouldn’t be the only solution but rather a solution that is combined with other treatments known for dealing with mental problems. 


Research Before Using CBD Oil

Though research being conducted is not concluded how the results so far have shown no signs of any negative long-term effects. Side effects, however, like fatigue and Diarrhea have been noticed in some cases. It is, therefore, advised to use with caution and with expert help. Some things to keep in mind before buying CBD oil are :

Understand Your Problem

CD oil comes in different variations. Before you start using it, it is best to understand why you are taking it and what is results that you are aiming for. This will make sure that when you do start taking it, you can track positive results


Consult An Expert

Like all types of medication, it is best advised to take an expert opinion before you start the usage of CBD oil. Also, it should be replaced with your regular medication which you are asking for any other mental or physical purpose. Be wary of companies that make big claims of being the only possible choice for all medical problems. 


Select The Brand Carefully

Fake drugs and medicines are not an uncommon sight. Many people use this as a way of making money and do not follow the exact instructions. Read their medical lab reports and also research online to read reviews before buying CBD oil from an unknown source. Verifying if it is ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation) approved is a key factor to assure the supplier has met all conditions before selling CBD oil.


Check All The Ingredients Present

Make sure the ingredients are clearly mentioned on the bottle or box in which you are buying the CBD oil. If they are not mentioned, you should consider getting them from a supplier who has all of them. Look for a CBD oil that contains more natural ingredients. You just need to start looking for pure CBD oil that gives you best results.


Know The Type You Need

Different CBD oil is available for different problems. These differences are related to the cannabinoids available in the oil. By ensuring which one is right for you, you can get the benefits of the one that not only suits you but also improves your condition.  

A healthy lifestyle is also important when battling with any problem so look into it more holistically. 


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