Canada-London: OPP cannabis enforcement unit ‘looking into’ unlicensed Indigenous store in London

Reported via CBC

The owner of Spirit River Cannabis says he is simply upholding his constitutional rights

The Ontario Provincial Police unit responsible for cannabis enforcement says it is currently “looking into” an Indigenous-owned cannabis retail store operating without a licence in London, Ont.

“[The OPP] is aware of this unlicensed cannabis retail store and will be looking into this in further detail,” Det.-Const. Sarah Bamford of the OPP’s provincial joint forces cannabis enforcement team (PJFCET) wrote in an email to CBC News Wednesday.

The PJFCET is responsible for cannabis enforcement in Ontario and, in the process, investigating whether retailers are criminal enterprises looking to exploit and/or abuse the legal cannabis retail market.

With the OPP now investigating Spirit River Cannabis, it could be a sign the police and the shop’s owner are on a collision course — setting the stage for a major test of Ontario’s cannabis retail laws.

Store sells cannabis its own way

The Spirit River Cannabis trading post held its grand opening on Dec. 3 at 72 Wellington St. where it operates out of a trailer on the promise to sell cannabis its own way — tax-free, promoted as traditional medicine and, according to its owner, carries a majority of products “sourced by First Nations people.”

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