Canada: MJ Biz Special Reports Says To Much Home Grow Medical Cannabis Being Diverted To Illegal Market

It’s a shame. The Canadians have done their best to trust people but unfortunately the actions of a few will in the end affect the majority who abide by the rules.


MJ Biz write

British Columbia is pressing Canada’s federal government to revamp the country’s home medical cannabis cultivation program, calling some instances of authorized home production a significant source for the illegal market.

“We know the program allows patients to produce their medicine at a lower cost than they can buy it, but we also know there is significant abuse, and that cannabis grown by medical growers is a significant source of illegal market cannabis,” the office of B.C. Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth told Marijuana Business Daily in a statement.

“We would also like to see the federal government re-think the medical access program, in particular personal and designated production,” the ministry’s statement said.

Some legal businesses, too, have said alleged diversion has a negative impact on their bottom lines.

But other industry sources downplayed that claim, saying any diversion is exaggerated and there is no clear data to suggest otherwise.

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