Quick Canada Roundup.

Canopy To Expand Into Canada

Canopy reveals plan for marijuana expansion into Atlantic Canada

New Canadian Health Minister Unlikely To Rock Boat

Canada’s cannabis sector doesn’t see big changes from new minister

New Brunswick Offering Financial Sweeteners

Provincial preview: New Brunswick banks on cannabis, offers industry financial sweeteners


Marijuana czar stresses importance of reasonable pricing for legal weed

There is a national consensus that the price, taxes and accessibility to legal marijuana should be such that it remains competitive with that offered on the black market, the man in charge of co-ordinating the legalization of cannabis said Monday.

Liberal MP Bill Blair said all of the provinces agree that meeting those objectives will better protect Canadian youth and cut off profits to organized crime.

The federal government intends to legalize marijuana by July 2018, allowing adults to possess up to 30 grams of the substance and cultivate a maximum of four cannabis plants in their homes.

Blair is in the process of touring the country and meeting with city and other representatives as the deadline for legalization approaches.

However, details on how each province, Quebec included, will apply the law remains unclear. While Ottawa has established a minimum age for consumption at 18, the limits for legal possession, distribution, pricing and accessibility remain provincial responsibilities. Quebec is conducting public hearings to establish its policy on legal marijuana.


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