Canada: Surrey company harvests its first crop of magic mushrooms

Eversio Wellness grows first batch of psilocybin producing mushrooms

Eversio Wellness has grown its first crop of magic mushrooms.

The Surrey company said it “harvested its first legal flush of psilocybin producing mushrooms” after recently being granted a Controlled Substances Dealer’s Licence by Health Canada.

“Our first harvest marks a significant chapter in our company’s story as we are one step closer to bringing psychedelic mushrooms to research and healthcare communities across Canada,” said CEO Craig Garden.

Eversio said their first batch will go to researchers involved in clinical trials and studies that examine the benefits magic mushrooms can have when helping to treat depression, PTSD, addiction and withdrawal, autoimmune diseases, and other brain health conditions.

“This is an important milestone for Eversio,” said Garnet Martens.

Martens, Eversio’s chief scientific officer, runs Eversio’s research and development program. He acknowledged the work the staff did in preparing this first harvest in such a short period after the company received its license.

“This paves the path forward for Eversio to begin collaborative research studies in the coming months to unleash the benefits of psilocybin producing mushrooms.”

Eversio received its Health Canada regulatory approval earlier this year in July

Surrey company harvests its first crop of magic mushrooms



Meanwhile in kitchens and garages around the country crops many sizes larger are been grown with no fanfare..

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