Canada’s Cannabis Council Gives Federal Legalization Overall Rating Of “D”

Oops everybody’s been holding Canada up as the paragon of how to federally legalize cannabis and now the Cannabis Council of Canada has come along 3 years down the line to tell us that the fantasy party is well and truly over.

So… what’s led them to this conclusion?

They write in their press release

The Cannabis community’s “Not Done Yet Report Card” Gives Legalization a “D”

On the third anniversary of cannabis legalization, the cannabis community calls on governments to adopt the reforms needed to fulfill the health, social and economic promise of legalization
Ottawa, ON, October 18, 2021 –
In support of the historic third anniversary of the legalization of adult-use cannabis, the Cannabis Council of Canada (C3), the national organization of Canada’s licensed producers and processors, Cannabis Amnesty, Medical Cannabis Canada* (MCC), and NORML are releasing the “Not Done Yet Report Card.”
The “Not Done Yet Report Card” is an evaluation of cannabis legalization’s successes and challenges based on government objectives, industry outcomes, and cannabis community expectations.
Topics covered include keeping cannabis out of the hands of youth, eliminating the illicit market, social justice and equity, access to medical cannabis, and industry viability. The choice of topics featured in the Report Card sends a signal to governments that the work of legalization is “Not Done Yet.”
George Smitherman, President and CEO of Cannabis Council of Canada, commented,
“In celebration of the third anniversary of Canada’s historic leadership, we are calling upon governments to come together with renewed energy and adopt the reforms needed to fulfill the health, social and economic promise of cannabis legalization.”

Here is the report in full.

And here’s the scorecard by topic. We’d suggest people look closely at the final item and then ask themselves if companies like Canopy are permanently teetering on the edge which is why they have to make increasingly outrageous deals in the US market.

The other F’s are very telling too as the industry propagandists would have us believe “there’s nothing to see here”

We congratulate the Cannabis Council of Canada for their forthrightness and suggest organisations like the NCIA could to with the same level of self-discipline

This week it is MJ Biz Las Vegas so reports like this will be buried under layers of hubris and greed

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NotDoneYet - Report Card & Grading Rationale



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