Canadian Cannabis Amnesty Advocacy Group Wants Action

Their message is simple


Cannabis is legal. 500,000 Canadians are not.Legalize us.

It’s been 4 years since cannabis legalization. And while many of us have and continue to the enjoy the benefits of legalization, an estimated 500,000 Canadians with criminal records for cannabis related offences do not.

If you were convicted of simple cannabis possession before 2018—something that is no longer illegal—you are still considered a convicted criminal and may be shut out from employment opportunities, access to loans, travel and in some cases, even the custody of your children.

While Canada was at the forefront of legalization, we’ve fallen far behind when it comes to amnesty and equity. That is why we are fighting to clear cannabis-related criminal records and heal the scars left by the failed war on drugs. Join us today.

Who we are

Named directly after the cause itself, Cannabis Amnesty is an independent, not-for-profit organization focused on righting the historical wrongs caused by decades of cannabis prohibition, particularly its impact on racialized and Indigenous communities who historically, have been overrepresented in cannabis arrests.

It was founded in April 2018 in response to the absence of federal legislation addressing the serious consequences of criminal convictions for actions that would no longer be illegal under the new Cannabis Act. We believed that no one should continue to be punished for something that is no longer illegal.

Since then, Cannabis Amnesty has been working tirelessly to fight for legislative change to address the disproportionate impact of cannabis prohibition on vulnerable groups. In 2022, we expanded our efforts beyond advocacy, and are building our capacity to offer direct support to individuals and communities harmed by prohibition.

“Together, we will right the wrongs of the past and help thousands of Canadians reclaim their lives.”

500K Canadians with cannabis records

9x More Indigenous arrest for cannabis

536 Number of C-93 pardons granted

3% Industry leaders are Black & Indigenous

Ongoing & past projects


Legalize Us Campaign

By Cannabis Amnesty
A public education campaign dedicated to raising awareness of how systemic racism in the enforcement of cannabis laws causes qualified and willing members of marginalized communities to be shut out of employment opportunities. This causes harm not only to these individuals, but to their families and communities, further entrenching systemic racism through poverty and disenfranchisement.

TOQi Fellowship for Cannabis Amnesty

By Cannabis Amnesty
In partnership with TOQi and Aurora Cannabis, Cannabis Amnesty is offering two paid summer internships, designed to create economic opportunities for people from communities harmed by decades of cannabis prohibition while increasing Cannabis Amnesty’s capacity to develop groundbreaking advocacy and programming. This Fellowship program is focused on mentorship and skill-building around effective communication and advocacy […]

Joints for Justice Retail Program

By Cannabis Amnesty
An advocacy and fundraising initiative fuelled by the first cannabis product sold at a provincial distribution board that is dedicated to channeling the profits generated by cannabis legalization towards programs that benefit those most affected by cannabis prohibition. Learn more about this industry-first initiative here.

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