Canberra Times Article Suggests Pettersson Private Members Bill Could Get Traction

Katie Burgess’ report gives the impression that there might be support for this private members bill. It’s a small step in a legislature that’s already essentially decriminalized adult possession of 50g or less, but, as they say. From small acorns…..


Labor ministers are considering a push from their backbench to legalise cannabis for personal use in Canberra, as the police union and the Opposition say relaxing drug laws could put more pressure on the force.

ACT Labor backbencher Michael Pettersson will introduce a private members bill on Wednesday that would effectively legalise cannabis for personal use, by removing possession under 50g for an adult as an offence.

It would also allow you to have four legal cannabis plants.

Mr Pettersson said about 60 per cent of drug arrests in the ACT are for cannabis consumers, which was a waste of police resources.

Health Minister Meegan Fitzharris would not rule out supporting the bill.


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